An audit is a comprehensive examination of a financial statement’s underlying transactions and balances. At Duncan & Company, LLC, we use sophisticated audit techniques and procedures to perform your nonpublic company’s (“NPC’s”) or nonprofit organization’s (“NPO’s”) audit efficiently and effectively. We also utilize cloud-based audit software and programs and online conferencing so we can perform your audit remotely saving you valuable space for your business operations.

Our professionals have over 25 years of accounting and audit experience with public and nonpublic companies and NPO’s in many types of industries. In addition, our professionals and staff receive a minimum of 40 hours of continuing professional education each year to keep up with the professions on-going changes and trends.


A review is a limited assurance engagement that is perfect for NPC’s and NPO’s that do not need a comprehensive examination of their financial statements but is more in-depth than a compilation. Our review procedures are performed based on inquiry of management and analytical procedures under Statements of Standards for Accounting and Review Standards (SSARS).


A compilation is a preparation of financial statements using information provided by management. Compilations can be performed as part of an accounting service we provide under Duncan Accounting & Tax, LLC.

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